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Growth strategy


Legal, Tax and Financial consulting
We are familiar with the process of starting up a business in the Netherlands. Should you form a branch office or incorporate a legal entity? What home country and Dutch income taxes will your expatriate employees be subject to? How much (non-productive) time will your employees spend trying to fulfil social requirements? Our consulting services include:

  • Advice about the appropriate entity
  • Information about the tax legislation
  • Advice on VAT and import duties
  • Research into legal regulations and restrictions
  • Tax preparation

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Government compliance
Operating a business in the Netherlands involves a number of governmental requirements. We will expedite your compliance and avoid misunderstandings with local authorities. We will also help you to take advantage of economic incentives, such as the expatriate 30% income tax ruling. Our knowledge of government processes covers:

  • The requirements for establishing business
  • Subsidy programs
  • Governmental lobbying
  • Dutch and European environmental regulations
  • Employee and employer regulations

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Financial administrations
Serving in the capacity of financial controller for foreign companies in the Netherlands, we help set up and manage efficient administrative systems that fit the parent company's structure:

  • Tailor made financial administration
  • Salary administration
  • Taking advantage of attractive tax rulings for foreign managers
  • Assistance interpreting rental agreements and service contracts
  • Regular contact with in-house auditors, inland revenue banks and insurance companies
  • Personal income tax rulings
  • Pension plans.

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Growth strategy

When your European business has grown to a level that justifies hiring an internal controller, we can simplify the transition by implementing a financial system.

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